New Customer Registration

New Customer Registration

Basic information

Customers Name

**Customers First & Last name is required

**Pay Attention for customer matches!

***If for whatever reason we don’t have the customers last name we just use “[last name]”

Phone Numbers

***Remember you can add a custom field here! For (mothers phone, Husband, etc.)


Email Address

Email is incredibly important!

When we send an estimate or an invoice via email a .PDF is saved on their end and can not be altered. 

When a text link is sent, it is a mirror of our screen and can change causing confusion and lack of trust with customers. Big problems. 

**Whenever there is confusion you can fall back to these emails for reference. 

Referral Source

This is more important than most anything else and is not taken seriously. Marketing is crucial in any business and sources have to be tracked. 

Customers Address

Use Google Addresses for accuracy.

This information is required for contacting the customer when needed (recalls, rework, Lawsuits, etc.) and for marketing.